FMSK® Excellence: AAMU’s Fellowship Graduates Publish Groundbreaking Publications in MSK Ultrasound

The American Academy of MSK Ultrasound (AAMU) takes immense pride in nurturing and showcasing the accomplishments of our fellowship graduates (FMSK®). These individuals are making significant strides in the field of Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound. We are delighted to spotlight two remarkable alumni and their groundbreaking clinical publications.

1. Schwannoma of the Posterior Tibial Nerve by Vicki Buchanan, PT, BS, FMSK

Vicki Buchanan, a distinguished AAMU fellow, has made her mark in the world of MSK Ultrasound with her publication on “Schwannoma of the Posterior Tibial Nerve.” Schwannomas are benign nerve tumors that can cause discomfort and pain. Vicki’s work not only provides insights into the diagnosis of this condition but also underscores the pivotal role of MSK ultrasound in its early detection and management. Her dedication to advancing our knowledge of peripheral nerve pathologies is a shining example of the caliber of professionals nurtured by AAMU.

2. Forefoot Pain due to Osteonecrosis of the Second Metatarsal Head (Freiberg’s Disease) by Teresa M Olives, PT, Cert. MDT, FMSK, D-EDX

Teresa M Olives, another illustrious fellow of AAMU, has left a lasting impact with her publication on “Forefoot Pain due to Osteonecrosis of the Second Metatarsal Head (Freiberg’s Disease).” This debilitating condition finds new hope through Teresa’s research, which not only delves into its pathophysiology but also offers valuable insights into its effective management using MSK ultrasound. Her work serves as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with this ailment and underscores the pivotal role of MSK ultrasound in elevating patient care.

At the American Academy of MSK Ultrasound our Fellowship graduates are known for their pioneering contributions to the field, unwavering dedication, deep expertise, and commitment to advancing the practice of MSK ultrasound which perfectly aligns with AAMU’s core values. Their accomplishments not only propel their professional careers but also push the boundaries of MSK ultrasound, making it an indispensable tool for diagnostics and therapeutics.

To delve deeper into the achievements of our fellowship graduates and witness their continued impact on the world of MSK Ultrasound, we invite you to explore our FMSK® Fellows Accomplishments archive webpage.

Join us in celebrating their remarkable feats and extending your support for their relentless pursuit of excellence in patient care through MSK ultrasound.