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"If we had a patient who came in with rotator cuff diagnosis without identifying the specific muscle involved, we would do Musculoskeletal Ultrasound and we would be able to be more specific with our Therapy." - Cindi A. Prentiss, PT

Appropriate for PTs, MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, Chiro, Healthcare Professionals.

Module Overview

A comprehensive presentation of the normal sonoanatomy and pathology of the ankle region. Didactic lecture followed by video demonstration. This module covers normal sonoanatomy of the ankle region with scanning protocol demonstrated. Presentation of normal sonoanatomy, patient positioning, probe positioning and important pearls for each joint region will be followed by a quiz.

Course Objectives

  • By the end of the course, participants will be able to correctly perform a scan and identify normal sonoanatomy of the ankle region within 20 minutes.
  • Course participants will be able to describe the structures in the ultrasound scan of the ankle with correct sonographic terminology.
  • Course participants will be able to correctly label the obtained ultrasound image with side (right/left), body region, image orientation and utilize the report writing template to generate a report.

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What You Will Receive

  • Ankle Normal Sonoanatomy scanning protocol demonstration
  • Ankle Normal sonoanatomy quiz
  • Ankle Normal Sonoanatomy Handouts
  • Ankle Sonopathology video presentation
  • Ankle Pathology Quiz
  • Ankle Pathology Handouts
  • Ankle Report Writing Template
  • BONUS Feature – POCUS in Ankle pathology webinar
  • BONUS Feature – MSKUS in medial ankle pain webinar

Watch: “POCUS Webinar Series – Ankle Region” by Dr. Mohini Rawat