AAMU (American Academy of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound) reserves the right to cancel courses. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, or if we are unable to postpone the course, AAMU (American Academy of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound) will issue a full refund for the registration fee, but will not be responsible for any other charges incurred by the registrant due to the cancellation of the course. All refunds take up to three weeks to be processed. Courses bought will be refunded at the purchase price.

Our live courses are costly to produce and require a process that involves a considerable amount of planning ahead, so early registrations are always appreciated. Students who register for complete programs such as the Fellowship, the Diplomate and other programs or other packaged courses are not entitled to any refunds.

At our company, we place the highest emphasis on delivering quality education and consistently strive to provide an exceptional learning experience for our students. In alignment with this commitment, we have implemented a policy that comes into effect whenever course enrollments fall below our established minimum of students. In such situations, our foremost concern is to ensure that every student receives the maximum benefit from their educational journey. To achieve this, we have a practice of rescheduling the affected course to a later date. In the event of a course cancellation due to low enrollment, affected participants will be promptly notified via email two and a half weeks prior to the scheduled start date. This approach enables us to maintain the optimal class size and student-to-instructor ratio, resulting in a more personalized learning experience and a more enriching educational environment. Your understanding and cooperation in such cases are greatly appreciated. It is highly recommended that ALL students should purchase refundable tickets/hotel rooms so that they can then adjust their dates as needed in case of a course cancellation.

Registrants who cancel more than four weeks before any scheduled course date will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the original purchased price and a 3.5% credit card processing fee. Registrants have the ability to reschedule or transfer to another course without penalty just one time or keep the amount paid on file as a credit for a future course without penalty. Registrants who wish to transfer or reschedule a second time will be subject to the 50% fee.

Registrants rescheduling or canceling within four weeks of the course are not eligible to receive any refunds. Registrants have the option to transfer to another course or keep a credit with us for a future course, both of which are subject to a 50% administrative fee.

Registrants who do not show up for a course have three calendar days after the course to notify us of their absence. At that time, registrants have the option to transfer to another course or keep a credit with us for a future course, both of which are subject to the 50% administrative fee. Registrants who do not notify us of their absence within the allotted three calendar days will forfeit all funds.

Registrations for our online courses, hybrid courses and/or any course that has an online component, cannot be canceled nor are eligible for a refund.

Payment Agreement

As a student/enrollee of American Academy of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (AAMU) you agree to the following terms:

  1. To have payments auto-debited/charged per the schedule on your Account Page.
  2. To ensure all payments due are processed timely and prior to any service/course being provided.
  3. That American Academy of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (AAMU) reserves the right to deny course attendance if the account is not in good financial standing; good financial standing is defined here as “not having any unpaid due payments prior to the time of the course/service/class”.

Complaint Resolution

AAMU (American Academy of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound) is committed to ensuring that complaints and disputes concerning all relevant issues are investigated and resolved. For this reason, we have a privacy complaint handling procedure in place:

  1. Submit online complaints at
  2. Receive a response within two business days acknowledging receipt of your complaint.
  3. Receive communication from an AAMU associate assigned to investigate your concern within three business days from the day you receive the communication acknowledging receipt of your complaint.
  4. AAMU will conduct an investigation into your complaint. During this process, you may receive additional communications from AAMU.
  5. The investigator will contact you within fifteen business days from the date he or she first contacted you with a proposed resolution to your concern. If you agree with the proposed resolution, you and the investigator will work together to close the matter.


By completing a purchase and sharing your contact information with AAMU, you are opting in to be part of affiliate programs in regards to education.